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Hi! I'm Megan! I was just scrolling a little bit into you're blog- which is awesome, by the way- I jut have maybe some questions. Have you ever been overweight and are now helping other's with your experiences and tips? What made you do this blog? I'm now about 250 lbs at 15, I'm disgusted with myself- I walk about a mile a day, will that help me? I'm trying to eat right- god, it's hard- any advice? Thanks.

Thank you so much! Honestly, I haven’t been on this in months; your question brought me back. Ever since July, I’ve had what seems to be a candida overgrowth in my stomach and it’s literally destroying my physical/emotional life. Therefore, I haven’t exercised since probably Sept ember and won’t be until the problem subsides. So really, I feel like I have no place on this blog anymore until I get back into everything. What made me do this blog was I was on a quest - yes to help others, and myself. To be completely honest, I’m 125 lbs at 18 and I’m disgusted with myself. I cannot give any self acceptance advice, because I never have and probably never will find it. However, as far as fitness advice, well it’s all on here! When I was overweight, I lost it by cardio. At least 30 mins of cardio a day coupled with 30 minutes of strength after is my method. So, a half hour run and then I used Passion4Profession’s 8 minute ab system with some of my own strength exercises for arms and legs after. What I’d suggest for you is maybe trying that or something like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. The shred is a great program for beginners. Perhaps, try that for a week just on its own and see if you feel confident to get going? Please, if you ever want to talk for advice or whatever feel free to message! When I was overweight, I took that disgust and harnessed it into a pure drive to get somewhere different from where I was. It’s never too late to start and it’s always the time to start before it gets “worse” I figured. 

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Well I’ll be darned, I ran 10 km today. I don’t know what the better motivator is: running in itself, or running longer so you don’t have to come back and do homework quicker. Probably the second.
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This! This this this.

Finally. Love this. If you love your body and want to change it, change it! Your body, your rules
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Nothing really needs to be said, as this beautiful video about trail running says it all. 

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Nothing perks you up more after 6 hours of work than… a 5k! Yay!

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There’s Hope!

I haven’t ran in two weeks. My first time back was on Friday. Here’s the times since for 5 k:

  • Friday: 35 minutes
  • Saturday: 34 minutes 20 seconds
  • Sunday: 30 minutes  45 sec

All time record: 28 minutes

See, no matter how long you’ve been out, it’s not so bad getting back into it at all!

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Tips For Motivation to Get Back Out There

We all fall off the wagon for one reason or another, so hopefully these pointers will help to reevaluate your fitness routine!

  • Tired? Unfortunately, we skip exercising because it takes energy we feel we don’t have. Try eating a small energizing snack (like peanut butter) beforehand and remember it takes putting energy into something to get it out of the workout after.
  • Stressed? Stress can make the best of us want to curl up on the couch and never move. However, some of the best workouts happen out of the sheer need to release that negative energy! 
  • What are your priorities? It may feel like exercise has no place in your day to day routine, but that’s only if you don’t allow it to. The morning, lunch, or evening may never be your optimal time, but if you force yourself to commit to one time just once to try it out, you’ll see it’s not as bad as you tired body has imagined it to be. 
  • Lay your running clothes/gear out the night before. I swear, it makes all the difference. Once you see it there, you remind yourself of that commitment and it becomes harder to break it. 
  • "Well I didn’t go yesterday so what’s one more day…" is my biggest problem. Once you stop, it’s easy to stay stopped. The days can build into this lethargic blur. However, having stopped for a full year once and gaining thirty pounds… just trust me on this one, don’t. Just don’t. Scare yourself into motivating yourself to never get there. 
  • Remember, no matter how long you may have stopped, your body is yearning to get back on track and is always ready. Do as much as you can, until you can get back to where you once were. Be forgiving, but firm with your fitness regimen!
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Every summer I get a little bit closer to the body I want, so by next summer I better be freaking hot. 

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Ah geez! Haha there's really nothing specific about it! Just day adds to day, and I haven't been going. I guess life preoccupies me in a different way, and I'm tired and stressed. I don't kow how it happened. I'm sorry if this was vague and lame. Glad for any tips. - Jane

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Never lame! We’ve all been there, and I promise within the next few days I will get something going which can hopefully help spark you again! Thanks, Jane!

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Hello Megan! I have a question for you: I have an established exercise routine since a year back. But now, for reasons mostly mental I guess, I’ve fallen out of it. It’s easy to say “just do it”. I see myself as a “just do it” person. But now it’s not happening. How do I actually do the “just do it” and get back on track with exercise? Thanks. - Jane

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Hey Jane! Guess what? We’re in the exact same boat right now. I’m glad that you recognize that somewhere in there, you know that there is that motivation inside of you. Still grappling for answers myself, I have been meaning to write a post on getting back into the rhythm. For me, honestly, it’s always been that I have to get to a breaking point before I recalibrate. To better help you out though, what really is holding you back specifically? 

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Tackling Temptation (For Anon)

First and Foremost, I will be relating tips towards the temptation of junk food and cigarettes, however most unhealthy temptations are one side of the same coin. 

Unfortunately, this post will only be helpful to those who really want to control their habits and intake of these things. This may sound hypocritical, but in my current state, I have zero drive to curb any unhealthy eating or smoking; It’s what is keeping me going, so I will be relating mostly back to past experiences.

1. Food

Awhile back you may recall a post on emotional eating. It has a lot of great tips towards those sudden cravings we get for junk when we’re really down. In turn, establishing mindful eating is a more rewarding way to avoid negative eating patterns. Being in control of not only when, or how much but what you eat is an empowering feeling. 

However, eating those foods we really “shouldn’t” isn’t always an emotional attachment. Sometimes just the thought of the foods we shouldn’t have but love is enough to implant an insatiable craving. I guess in the end, just remember some key things: 

  • It really is okay to have these foods once in awhile. If you deprive yourself, one day you’ll just binge out with the power of many neglected days. 
  • Educate yourself on why you don’t want these foods to be a staple in your diet. In example, when you see that ten sugar cubes go into a can of pop it makes it much more real and easier to resist putting the once hidden ingredients into your body. 
  • Make the healthy equivalent of your craving. Potato chips? How about kale chips or homemade popcorn. Ice cream? Greek yogurt. Chocolate? Peanut butter and apples. Pop? Ribena and soda water. Also, when you toast almonds, it really brings out the sweetness and makes a great craving killer.

2. Smoking

Again, I’m not going to high and mighty about this. If you’re serious about cutting back on quitting smoking here’s some tips:

  • Keep your hands busy. Sometimes, people smoke out of boredom and just keeping your hands busy typing, writing, gardening, knitting, whatever is your thing, can create less frequent urges. 
  • Recognize whether you are mentally or physically addicted (or both). If you have withdrawals when you quit, you are definitely physically addicted. However, if you’re like me, you can turn your smoking on and off basically with no issue because it’s a coping mechanism. If you are mentally/emotionally addicted, try other stress relieving actions. 
  • Do not bring your pack out with you when you leave. Sure, maybe it’s not out of sight, out of mind, but if you can get into the habit of smoking less frequently, it becomes easier to quit altogether. 
  • Even better, don’t make them accessible to yourself. If you’re really serious about quitting, don’t have them around period. Ask others not to smoke around you and make them promise you not to buy them/or let you bum them even if you’re on your knees. 

Overall, cravings usually last fifteen minutes, so if you can distract yourself it should pass. If it is an emotional connection, it’s harder to shake the temptation so try to find a surrogate. Finally, the less you do something, the less your body wants it, so try to incrementally decrease your consumption of said thing until you’re in a place where you can let go altogether. 

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Hi there! :) I came upon this blog some time ago and must say I really enjoy it. You are a better writer than most here on tumblr. You should have way many more followers! Anyway, I've been wondering how to tackle temptations, while trying to be healthy. You know, things that aren't good for you in any way, like a huge chocolate chip cookie or a cigarette even. It's like I don't know how to approach this. So I would gladly to see an article with your take on this. Also, more healthy recipes! :)

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Thanks so much for the kind words! I will definitely do my best to tackle this one, as it is very multi faceted. Oooh yes, which means I must get cooking! Thanks for the starting point!

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